Interesting Read: Notes from a site visit to END Fund-funded programs in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo GiveWell staff visited programs funded by the END Fund in Kigali, Rwanda and Idjwi, Democratic Republic of the Congo. The goals of the visit included gaining a better understanding of a) the END

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Daily News Roundup: Ford Foundation to Return to Detroit With Satellite Office

The grant maker is re-establishing a physical presence in its native city 64 years after moving its headquarters to New York. Also, Google co-founder Sergey Brin is reportedly building the world’s largest aircraft with a charitable purpose in mind.

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Dallas Chef Creates a Stir With Program for Troubled Kids

When the local United Way started looking for promising new talent in nonprofits, acclaimed chef Chad Houser was its first find. Hundreds of kids from juvenile-detention centers have benefited from his innovative work program.

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Real Estate Investing, Sacrifice?



Many people tend to enter into investment situations with too much enthusiasm and optimism. This type of rash decision making is not conducive to becoming a seasoned investor, and those that engage in impulsiveness will not survive in investing long enough to become seasoned. One of the most often made rash decisions is quitting your day job to pursue real estate investing full on. It is very sage advice to never quit a job before you have an equivalent or better situation waiting. Especially now, certain segments of the real estate investing process has mandatory lengths of time before any money is even made. Having a real job and making investing a side job minimizes the inherent risk in endeavors like these. Additionally, it means that the real estate investments become a method by which you can become financially able to do anything you want.


However, this does not mean that an investor should not be all in. It simply means that they will have means while money generates in their investment endeavors, and they do not have to negatively affect their future growth by having to make decisions about their current personal financial situation. Additionally, some of the best real estate investing advice is to expect to sacrifice greatly if you want to be a success. Although for some, this will mean forgoing non essential things or engaging in things that they could do themselves rather than pay a service or a person. It may require keeping a car for a longer period of time, but when the pathways to successful investments are clear, you will willingly make every sacrifice you can in order to plug money into your burgeoning successful investments, and you should at this point. There is a point where you will have done everything correctly, and this is the point in business when your money, sweat equity and hard work will have the greatest return on investment over any other point.


Those that have not sacrificed or have quit day jobs and have had to live off the meager early earnings instead of sacrificing and placing that money back into their business will not have the fuel to throw on the fire at this point, but you will. Remember, every time you improve your business, you gain an edge over the competition, and in times like these, this will mean some of the competition will be completely eliminated thereby naturally increasing your business. At that point, your business is a money producing engine. Additionally, following this ethos throughout your real estate investing career even after incurring this success means that you will also have the resources to weather any future storms. So, this is an ongoing successful business strategy that will always pay dividends, not a singular method to make it over in the beginning.


There is also another very important lesson for real estate investors. This is to remain positive. Positivity means that you will face problems as solvable challenges rather than impervious walls. Everything in the world exists as a result of someone’s idea, and this means that nothing in it is impervious, and simply having this confidence will sustain you and your business. It is a myth that every sector of real estate faced a downturn during the recent economic calamity. Instead of a crash, many of these wise investors saw this as an opportunity to find some real good deals, and because they have followed the ethos set forward, they retained their ability to exploit the situation rather than be consumed by it. Now they are functioning in emerging market with much of the excess competition eliminated.

Daily News Roundup: Trump Targets Obamacare Rule Opposed by Faith Charities

The White House is set to relax the mandate on birth-control coverage in employee health-care plans, which religious nonprofits have fought bitterly. Also, a political scientist looks at the NAACP’s leadership crisis, and Charlotte, N.C.’s property boom disrupts a major charity program.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan and Amrita Arora’s workout videos will inspire you to hit the gym

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Amrita Arora’s workout videos will inspire you to hit the gym

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