Daily News Roundup: Spending of ‘Ice-Bucket Challenge’ Money Criticized

A group of patients says the money should be spent with more urgency. In other news, Stephen Schwarzman is giving $25 million to his public high school; Betsy DeVos is donating her $200,000 salary to education and special-needs charities; disgraced Oxfam official left an earlier job over sex-worker allegations; ‘On Point’ radio host Tom Ashbrook has been fired; and much more.

from The Chronicle of Philanthropy https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-Spending/242555


Yoga guru Dr Surakshit Goswami on Shantam Kriya for better concentration

Yoga guru Dr Surakshit Goswami on Shantam Kriya for better concentration

from Lifestyle – Videos – The Times of India http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/videos/lifestyle/yoga-guru-dr-surakshit-goswami-on-shantam-kriya-for-better-concentration/videoshow/62934265.cms

Daily News Roundup: Children’s Hospital Gets $60 Million

In other news, President Trump gave $100,000 of his salary for infrastructure projects; the Intel Foundation is donating $1 million to the International Rescue Committee to teach coding skills to refugees; charitable giving makes people more attractive to others, according to a study; the Oxfam scandal widens; the 50 best workplaces for charitable giving; and more.

from The Chronicle of Philanthropy https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-Childrens/242548

Daily News Roundup: How Trump’s Budget Would Affect Nonprofits and the Poor

Poor Americans would be hardest hit. Also, the plan’s food-stamp replacement; its elimination of NEA, public TV, and other cultural groups; and a bipartisan “no” to cutting aid money. In other news, an Oxfam deputy resigns over how sex claims were handled, and a whistle-blower says the charity ignored concerns; drugmakers supported groups that pushed opioid use; fact-checking Matt Damon’s clean-water promise in a Super Bowl ad; and more.

from The Chronicle of Philanthropy https://www.philanthropy.com/article/Daily-News-Roundup-How/242534