Types of surya namaskar

Types of surya namaskar

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Interesting Read: Conversation with Katharine Kreis and Dr. Megan Parker of PATH about its Ultra Rice program

http://files.givewell.org/files/conversations/PATH_04-24-18_(public).pdf GiveWell spoke with Ms. Kreis and Dr. Parker of PATH as part of its preliminary investigation into PATH’s Ultra Rice program. Conversation topics included an overview of Ultra Rice, PATH’s work on Ultra Rice in India, its

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Daily News Roundup: Outrage Over Family Separations Prompts Protests by Advocay Groups

Rallies are planned in 132 cities on June 30 to protest the Trump administration’s policy of detaining immigrant children apart from their parents. In other articles, one Texas nonprofit reaped $450 million to house detained children in a former Walmart store; the CEO of a nonprofit shelter for detained immigrant children — and who called police on a Democratic senator when he tried to enter the building — is paid $770,000; and much more about big philanthropy and other news.

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